A tripod for the selfie stick generation. An invention to rescue smartphone video from terrible quality beyond close range.

The recently-patented Replay Stick is novel new product after more than a century of mostly similar tripod designs.


Historically, stability and adjustability were top qualities for tripods due to long exposures for still cameras.


Today, shutter times are fast.   A better use of tripods is for smartphone video, which is usually terrible from more than 15 or 20 feet away.


People aren't willing to use conventional tripods, which require lots of adjustment to the legs and top.   So, that means handheld, mostly bad video at school plays, concerts, and softball games.    If you're zooming in?  Forget about it.


We need a dead-simple solution for better smartphone video.   Something that just works and doesn't need to be fiddled with.  That's the Replay Stick.


The Replay Stick is the tripod for today:   It opens and shuts in one motion, with no batteries or moving parts, and the only point of adjustment is a simple gooseneck at the top, by the phone.


This invention was a labor of love for journalist / marketer / creative professional Eliot Caroom, who hopes to license it to a qualified accessory manufacturer who can bring it to market.

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